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WOW! with Friends! - The ways of God are amazing!

During the Sept 3 Conference, I took the charge to go and be a woman of witness! Doors opened for small group facilitation. At the 1st small group gathering, a pre-believer who was seeking for purpose, had her heart stirred to know her true identity. Her hunger was fanned. This will be the beginning of more encounters with the true God who loves.

At the 2nd gathering, I availed myself again to facilitate the gathering. I’m so thankful for the host who opened her house for the Lord to restore relationships as we watched the sermonette by Ps Libby. During discussion, the Lord gave me a word for this sister. The supremacy of Jesus, what He is doing, what He is doing now and what He is going to do in her life was released through prophesy. The Lord touched her and on the 23 Sept Conference, the word of the Lord was confirmed as she heard it again through the speakers. The ways of God are amazing.

Prior to the gathering, she was suddenly unwell but the host and I pressed in for her. She came almost an hour and a half later. Earlier in the morning, I had sensed to continue to meet regardless of her attendance because what matters was HOME ESTABLISHED. The host was also healed of the pain in her breasts as the prophetic word was given. I felt the intercession of the saints at both gatherings. The anointing flow throughout the two gatherings.

Esther Joy Low

- WOW! Conference 2022 Delegate

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