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I am healed from plantar fasciitis!

I thanked God that I managed to attend the finale night of the WOW! Conference. When the praise and worship started, I could felt the tangible presence of God in our midst. After the preaching of the Word, I went forward for the altar call just to press in for more of God in my life.

Never in my mind that God will heal me of my plantar fasciitis I had since May this year. This episode is not those mere heel pain that will be gone after I start walking. For my case, the pain intensity has become quite bad that I have pain throughout the day. With this condition, I need to change my lifestyle by starting to attend pilates and stretch classes since July.

Ps Suzette said that when you feel the presence of God, signs, wonders and miracle take place. I felt a sense of lightness on my left ankle and immediately I knew something has taken place. Of course, when I left from the service, my heel is not as painful as when I come. I cling on the healing power of God and thank Him and told Him I believe in His healing power in my left heel. The next day, I felt less and less pain. I declare I AM HEALED COMPLETELY. PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS AND ALL GLORY TO HIM!

Karin Ng

- WOW! Conference 2022 Delegate

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