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To our Father in heaven, we ask:


1.  Grant us clarity of vision to possess the inheritance, 
     so that we may flourish, multiply and overflow in all Your goodness.


2.  We will be a remnant without compromise.


3.  We will not return to a slave mentality.


4.  We are anointed to proclaim the Good News with supernatural
     understanding of might, power, love, knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.


5.  It is Your spoken Word that has framed the earth and holds it together.


6.  Like Achsah, we ask for the upper and lower springs, where we will flourish as 

     a woman of witness who will not quit, who will multiply her overflowing cup and 
     to become a leader wherever we are placed. For surely, we will be amazed by our creator!

     In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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