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Let Faith Arise!

I was serving in the prayer room and a lady came in with a request to pray for her stomach. She felt discomfort since last year. She had stomach ulcer in the past. The Lord brought to my remembrance a picture He gave me last year which I didn't know who it was for until today. It was a vision of a stomach with a certain part inflamed. We prayed for her and speak healing. After that she said the Lord also showed her of her stomach with a certain part that was red. When I told her the date which I had the vision, she said it was during that time that she started having the discomfort.

The Lord had given me the word "Healing". That He wants to heal her from this condition. She proclaimed she that received healing in faith! I felt an increase in faith on releasing prophetic words and prayers. The Lord is indeed doing amazing things in our midst! - Joanna WOW! Conference 2020 Prayer Team

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