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God moves!

I am the witness of God’s love, grace, and strength. I am joining WOW Conference in the midst of Esther fasting. I do this for obeying God’s command I received 6 years ago in 2015 to me personally. This year I do it twice as usual, but I am longing to hear God speaks to me whether He is looking at me or hearing my prayers. In the closing of today’s conference, when Ps. Daphne spoke about Esther, she said “Maybe you are a seer, or maybe be a dreamer, or maybe you are nothing of these at all just like Esther. She saw and dreamt nothing, but God was moving.”

I could not hold my tears, because I know exactly that God spoke to me personally through Ps. Daphne. He wants to assure and encourage me to keep doing what He has commanded to me faithfully. I am still crying for joy as I am writing this testimony. God is faithful and He always looks and hears us, His precious daughters. He moves and work in a way we hardly think and expect. - Ps. Alexandra Ivanova Cornerstone Bali

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