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Day 26: The power of praying in the Spirit

“For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays…”

1 Corinthians 14:14

As mothers, wives and daughters, there are many instances we find ourselves unable to care directly for our loved ones. We have no control and feel helpless! Praying in the spirit is the strongest safety net we can spread beneath them!

I once felt a burden while my elder son was out on a field mission while serving in the army for his National Service. A few days later, he called home and I asked him if anything had happened on that certain Saturday, for I remembered praying in tongues at length after feeling a nagging anxiousness in the mid-morning.

He replied, “O mom, I had sat down by a tree and unknowingly put my hand over a hole in the ground. My sergeant noticed it and asked me to move away. It was a snake’s nest! The snake was inside but didn’t come up and all is well!”

When our loved ones are out of our reach, they are still within our Father’s touch, His loving arms stretch wider and His heart embraces deeper than we can. Pray in the spirit! - By TC


Pray Father, I can entrust my loved ones completely to You. I ask for the blood of Jesus to cover them and protect them from all harm and danger.

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