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Day 10: God's prophetic language

“Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”

1 Corinthians 14:1

When I was a younger Christian, I thought spiritual gifts like prophecies were only for pastors and leaders, and not me. Once at a prophetic training, I shared my doubts and fears with God. To my surprise, God started giving me many prophetic words, which the trainer affirmed. Since then, I have learnt to be expectant to hear Father God’s voice.

Soon, I started asking God for dreams. I am still learning and growing with Him, and the Holy Spirit started teaching me to interpret the dreams and to encourage others as well. Recently, God gave me dreams for 2 individuals:

In the first dream, an older sister was doing high-intensity exercises with a trainer. (In real life, she has not exercised in decades!) In the second dream, a brother was struggling with half-truths, giving the enemy an open door. Upon God’s leading, I gently shared the dreams to both parties. The sister had just started exercising and felt so motivated by God’s affirmation. Meanwhile, the brother was indeed facing such a struggle and he felt God’s fresh grace to stand firm and overcome.

I thank God for His spiritual gifts to us, that we may be conduits of His love and encouragement to many. All for His glory! - By WT

Pray Father, I want to receive Your spiritual gifts and operate in love, wisdom, and discernment to edify others.

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