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The Women of Wonder Conference went online from 10 - 12 September 2020, bringing together women from 20 nations, 44 international churches and 56 local churches. Many women stepped up to host small groups in their homes during the Women of Wonder (WOW!) conference. And many had a great time soaking in the presence of God as they took time to catch up with each other. 


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We had the honour of hearing from Pastor Bonnie Chavda, Mama Heidi Baker, Pastor Libby Huirua and our very own mother of the House, Pastor Daphne Yang, who each brought a timely Word in season for our ladies.


Mama Heidi exhorted the ladies to ask God to baptise them with radical love – that we might radically forgive and give to others. She also invited everyone to learn how to walk in supernatural power and healing, by first letting the Holy Spirit get rid of things in our lives that get in the way. 


Pastor Bonnie Chavda spoke about having courage, conviction and clarity to be influencers in this hour, and taking hold of the spiritual inheritance the Lord has allotted to us. Apart from leading worship, Pastor Libby concluded the conference with a message on changing our perspectives and fixing our eyes on God so that He can reset our hearts to be able to carry revival. 


Mama of the house, Pastor Daphne exhorted us to reach for God who has no limits! His desire is for us, to build according to His plan and to prosper. When we look around we are distressed, when we look within we are depressed, when we look at Jesus, we are at rest!


While the day sessions were held on Zoom for our 711 registered participants, evening sessions were streamed on Cornerstone’s Facebook and Youtube channels. The presence of God was so tangible, even virtually, and many wrote in to share about their encounters with the Lord from their homes. 

One of our prayer team members, Joanna, who served at the WOW! Conference had received a vision of a stomach that was inflamed some time last year. At that time, she did not know who it was for but had the word “healing”, which she drew into her sketchbook. During one of the conference virtual ministry sessions, a sister who had a stomach inflammation since April 2019 came for prayer, and Joanna knew that the vision she had earlier was meant for her. Everyone was filled with faith and encouragement that the Lord wanted release healing over our sister’s stomach. 


Another conference participant who had a high heart rate of 124bpm also received a healing touch from God right in her home as the prayer team ministered to her. While seeing the doctor the very next morning, she was amazed to discover that her heart rate had gone down to the 90 bpm range. 


We praise the Lord for the many wonders and miracles He has done through WOW! 2020. Because of this unique season, we were able to connect with women from many nations, many of whom would not have been able to join us if the Conference was held physically. It was also His grace that empowered the team to overcome the challenges of running an online conference for the first time, and it was so encouraging to see many women rise up to serve and minister to others from their homes this year. 

Written by Emma Lim

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